Buying art on your Devon holiday? 3 things you need to know

In our two years at the pop up gallery Lost & Found Art in Exeter, we’ve sold some very special pieces to people on holiday. Memorable highlights include the couple who contacted us on Facebook to buy a large seagull painting they had seen whilst honeymooning in Devon, and a young Canadian man who bought a Devon landscape to send home to his family as an extra special kind of “postcard”.

 We regularly ship pieces to people who’ve contacted us after finding that an artwork just stayed with them, and are always happy to arrange delayed shipping so pieces arrive once visitors are back home again - a lovely way to extend those holiday vibes! 

From time to time, we get a message from someone who will describe a piece they’ve seen, and we’ll enjoy a game of detectives as we send photos back and forth and guess the work from the description until we match them with the right piece. It’s always worth it when we get a happy message from a buyer who got just what they wanted. 

Local Devon Dartmoor landscape by artists Matt Harvey - chalky hues of blue, cream and green layered with a small brush  Left: local views from Matt Harvey

If you’re thinking of buying an artwork to remember a special trip, here’s our top tips to help you get a piece that you’ll treasure.

1 - Don’t forget that you can commission a piece!

Above : Matt Harvey working on a painting at Lost & Found


Often, people feel a little nervous about approaching an artist for a commission, but we promise you artists love to find buyers who really want to own their work! 

Often we find a tourist will love a piece by a particular artist, but be looking for something to fill a certain spot in their home and want a different size. Sometimes, visitors have fallen for a particular Devon beauty spot and are looking for an artist that can do it justice. 

These situations provide an ideal opportunity for a buyer to commission a piece that meets all their requirements, which will arrive a few months after the holiday has finished just in time to enjoy reminiscing. 

2 - Think outside the box

 left: "Devon Bee" by Daphne Currier 

Local views are of course a favourite with people who want to remember the moment they stopped and enjoyed the beautiful Devon scenery, and rightly so, but views aren’t the only way to remember a holiday. 

Artwork can create a real talking point in your home, and a striking piece that catches your eye is bound to catch the eye of any visitors. Talking over where and when you bought that beautiful ceramic bowl, that unusual print or that harmonious painting will bring back holiday memories and add extra interest to your “talking point” pieces! 

3 - Don’t be scared to have things shipped

Left : detail from "Wild Cats" by Anna FitzGerald 

Most holiday makers are looking for a small, portable piece they can carry home easily, but just last week a visitor on a whistle stop tour of Exeter popped in 10 minutes before closing and fell in love with a 160cm long painting by Anna FitzGerald, which will now be shipped to the Cayman Islands! This just goes to show that when you’re buying art the first rule to follow is always “Buy what you love”, even if that means you can’t carry it home that day.

Devon fox with an exe estuary sunset  left: "Fox on the exe" by Louisa Currier


Most galleries, ours included, will be happy to arrange packing and shipping for you at a date that suits you, and with smartphones on hand can even calculate the shipping costs whilst you wait. If you aren’t sure if a piece will fit in that corner of your home you have planned to hang something, make sure you get contact details for the gallery or artist so you can check dimensions and make an order when you get home. Don’t forget to write down the name of the piece and the artist too so you know what to order!

If you're in Exeter, there are plenty of wonderful artworks to view and buy. Castle galleries, Southgate framers and Lost & Found Art all carry local landscapes, and The Glorious Art House changes it's exhibitions by local artists month by month!

Visit us at Lost & Found Art, 182-184 Fore St, Exeter until February 2022