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Exmouth Lost & Found Art is a family friendly interactive art trail that pairs dozens of businesses across Exmouth with amazing local artists. The event is running in 2019 from May through until December.

From the promenade right through to Exeter Rd, art treasures will be hidden in shops and businesses, along with selfie spots to discover and stamps to collect - visitors will be invited to  find them all to win prizes and unravel puzzles.

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A view of Exmouth sea front at sunset, with the sky showing lavender and peach tones, which are reflected in the water.

What does Lost & Found offer businesses?

Lost & Found provides a unique chance to display beautiful artworks in your business for free, whilst also bringing new potential customers through your door.

We aim to have treasure spots all over town, encouraging tourists and locals to explore both on and off the beaten track, all of which will be listed on our beautifully designed treasure map created by respected designer Gary Cook.

Our experienced curator Anna Fitzgerald will pair artists and venues, making sure you get work which fits the style and atmosphere of your business and which your customers will enjoy.

a dark haired girl looks at a small painting on a white wall

The trail will be made even more exciting with clues to collect and selfie spot competitions, and our treasure hunters will be encouraged to tag locations in their social media. Online promotion, posters and of course the maps will all feature your business, and we expect some local press attention too.

A co-ordinated social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will be run by our social media expert, Louisa Currier. Participating businesses will get exclusive access to a workshop on how to make the most of the event for their social media, which will also be a great networking opportunity!



What does Lost & Found offer artists?

Is your art a treasure just waiting to be discovered?

Lost & Found Art is a great opportunity for artists to reach an audience outside of a gallery setting, as well as offering the chance for creatives to expand their networks.

Promotion of the event will include posters and of course the map, as well as a social campaign featuring contests, video and hashtag competitions. All selected artists will be profiled for our social media and website.

Artists will get three or more works displayed for seven months, and all work included in the event will be available for sale both in the venues and in our virtual lost and found gallery on the website.


What does Lost & Found offer the community?

The Lost & Found Art Trail initiative makes it easy for the community to access art. Businesses from nursing homes to baby stores have signed up already, creating an accessible network of cultural happenings across the town.

Tying locations to artworks with an intriguing treasure map, Lost & Found will promote Exmouth as an exciting cultural destination, bringing beach visitors into the town and creating a social media buzz with Exmouth as the star.